Dawn of Fantasy

Dawn of Fantasy


Dawn of Fantasy is an addictive Massively Multiplayer Online Real Time Strategy Game (MMORTS) with a hint of RPG, set in the mythical online ‘Wold’ of Mythador. I must admit i was very excited and impatient when downloading the software and oh boy, it did not disappoint !

When all was downloaded and i excitedly started to play, first beginning with the well laid out and easy to follow tutorial, running you through all the main things you need to know to play, after you can jump right in. You will be happy to know that after buying the game there is no monthly fee to play Dawn of Fantasy, see it just gets better !

There are three game modes to play, first is Kingdom Wars, an “offline” game mode. Starting with a single City, you can build your armies and battle the AI to conquer the world without the worry of economies or building, starting here is beneficial as you get to grip with the game and your units.

Next is Skirmish, this allows you to jump right into a city being sieged, as either an attacker or defender and fight an epic battle against the computer, perfect for practicing siege’s from both sides or if you just love epic, intense seige battles!
There is no need for any gathering or mining….just WAR!!

Last but by no means least is the Online Kingdom, which has it all!
This is Dawn of Fantasy’s main mode and includes Quests, building a city, mining, farming, building Armies, seige and PvP Warfare!

Choose from three different races, the Men of Teria, the Elves of Nhob and the Orcs of Gokkho, each offering a different playing style. After choosing your race, you have to select your region from Thikken Dal (Forest), Brakental (Desert) and Flattan Rol (Swamp)
Now you need two traits and can choose from : Gathere (massive economic boost), Loote (more agressive, double resources), Hor (for agresive players, produce units quicker and cheaper), Entrench (strengthens defences), Siege Maste (bestows proficiency at siege warfar on the Orc who chooses this).

Now all that is left is to name your city!

I chose Men and Thikken Dal, to begin with you only have a small amount of resources (food,wood,stone and gold). From here you can build a variety of buildings to help you in gathering resources like a mill and a farm, you can also build a barracks and archery to build your army with, these are just the basic buildings. Quests were given to me by Fred Firkinson, they will start off simple like killing all the Goblins in the area and the more you play the larger your area becomes, the larger you become the more you will be attacked. Fred likes to me remind me of this therefore you must start to build your defences.

Unlike ‘normal’ RTS games where buildings pop up within minutes, building in DoF can sometimes take hours, you just cant get the staff these medieval days!
However have no fear, the market is here! Allowing you to buy crowns and use them to speed up your workers. For me this add’s to the fun, making the game have more of a ‘real’ feeling to it and Reverie have done a great job, keeping you entertained while your buildings are being built, there is just so much more you can do!

Dawn of Fantasy continues to run while you are ‘offline’ so while you are at work or school, your city folk stay busy working the tasks you set for them.

Dont be fooled into thinking you will be building all day and protecting your city for five minutes as sieges can last for hours, but it never feels dull. Your ‘hero’ can be wounded and will return to your city, he cannot die as he is needed to interact with the NPC. When you do finally slaughter the last enemy and they take their final breath in a very tightly faught battle, its almost like winning your very own gold Olympic Medal!
When you have successfully conquered a NPC or another players stronghold, you are able to loot the conquered stronghold for many resources, however control of the stronghold will remain theirs.

The Wold map a is massive, 3D scale model of the game world of Mythador, clearly showing you who your allies are, the ones you are at war with and those who are just sat on the fence.
You can also see quest area’s, environments and your own city. Using the Wold map you can create armies using units trained in your city, sending them to travel the World map.
Arriving at their destination, they can search for PvP battles with players of a similar rank, visit NPC cities to explore with your hero, talk to the towns ruler, improving the relationship between your city and theirs, trade, go to their goods market where you can buy items such as wood and stone, the live stock market where you can buy animals to take back to your city, the mercinary market where you can hire or trade mercinaries with that town.

Each town offers a different unit depending on their race and strength, you can also set up camp to heal units so you can jump straight into another battle, enter quest areas, use the towns training grounds for a small fee, allowing your soldiers to train increasing their stats and skill points or lay seige on an enemy stronghold aswell as sending armies to nearby allied cities and trade with them.
You can have up to seven armies traveling the World map at one time.

One of the most awesome features for me was the fact i could have a Dragon, and not just one to choose from but three!

First is the Green Dragon, a small dragon, but is still capable of reducing the size of a batalion, into a nice smoky pile of ash with a few bone fragments. Then there is the Red Dragon with his feared reputation of destroying whole armies, as well as becoming attatched to his allies, whether they be Human, Elves or Orcs, and will defend their allies stronghold as thou is were there own. And the best Dragon yet, the Royal Dragon, known as ‘Gods of Fire‘. The Royal Dragon can and will summon flames, incinerating full armies of enemies without pulling a muscle, most commanders would give thy swords arm to add a Royal Dragon to their army as this monstrous creature is sure to make anyone who comes in contact with it, tremble in their boots.

There is no specific end to the game, you can carry on leveling up, doing quests, PvP and seiging as long as you wish. As the game draws you in, for me atleast, it will be for a long time !

There is a chat box on the left of the screen where you can chat with other players from across the world, the people who comments in it are so friendly ! If you ever have any problems, someone will happily answer your questions with a smile or you can head over to the official forums. The developers clearly work very hard on keeping the game well maintained, there is always new patches and some cool DLC.
Minimum requirements for this magnificent game are ;
Windows XP, Vista or 7
Intel duel core CPU (2.3 Ghz) or AMD equivilent
NVIDIA GeForce 8800 (512MB VRAM)
3GB of free hard disk space
DirectX 9.0 compatable sound card.

WiiPlayXbox Rating :
I fully enjoy playing Dawn of Fantasy and shall continue to play as long as the game is running ! There is just so much you are able to do and i am very excited to what the developers will do next. If you have not played Dawn of Fantasy, i highly recommend you do ! I give this game a 10/10, it is simply fantasic !


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  1. What a detailed review – but well done – actually reading on my phone. I think 10/10 might be a bit too high – maybe once the new expansion is out, but def a 9/10 for me

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